AI Defect Catalog for Industry 4.0

Full traceability and reliable visual inspection of your production, even when manually inspected.

Used in the best factories
Inspection View of VIUN's AI Defect Catalog
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Effortless Zero Defect

Our AI-powered defect book respects your specific quality standards to save you time and money.  

Digital Defect Catalog

A fully digital defect catalog to empower manufacturing operators to collaborate and be more efficient.

Full Traceability

Record every inspection and protect your organization unique quality knowledge.

Easy Collaboration

Keep teams up-to date with new defects and quality standards.

Remote Resolution

Provide a shared space for members to quickly address quality issues, even across factories.

Illustration of the Digital Defect Catalog
Illustration of the AI inspection on VIUN's AI Defect Catalog

AI-Powered Inspection

Leverage your defect catalog to rapidly train cutting-edge AI models for visual inspection.


No coding or AI knowledge required. Your tailored AI learns directly from your operators.

Constant Adaptation

Your AI adapts alongside you as your production and quality standards evolve.


Performs consistently in varying environments  such as changing lights or part orientations.

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Start reducing your cost of bad quality

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Start tracking your defect rate in real-time

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